What is the tax card valid for January?

You may need to get a new tax card in January because you have a new job, assignment, etc. We recommend that you submit a request for the card in MyTax. The data-entry fields in MyTax include a start date when the card should come into force. You can select the start date freely.

However, please note that if no changes to your income are made, and you are in the same job in January as previously, your employer still withholds tax for January 2022 based on your tax-card percentage rate for 2021. The rate is the one on your latest card for 2021. Although “31.12.2021” appears on your 2021 card as its end date, your card still continues to be in force.

The percentage rate during January 2022 is the basic withholding rate, not the additional rate. The cards are reset to zero at the beginning of the year.

Your card for 2022 is available in MyTax. How to find your valid tax card in MyTax. The cards arrive to individual taxpayers’ home addresses by post in January if not earlier.