How to order a tax card only for benefits in MyTax

For a tax card, you need information on your income and deductions:

  • Estimate your total income for the year.
  • Calculate the income and taxes for the beginning of the year.
  • Also add details on any deductions.

How to use MyTax:

  1. Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

    Logging in to MyTax requires electronic identification. You need personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

  2. Select Tax cards and prepayments under Activities.

  3. Select Request a new tax card

  4. You will now see your details. Check that the details are correct. Proceed to the next stage, Pre-completed income and deductions.

  5. Check your income details and make any necessary changes.

    Report the pay you have received since the start of the year as well as the withholdings or taxes you have paid.

    Do not include benefits.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Other income.

  6. Add a new benefit or make changes to the benefits. Select Yes under Benefits and then Add new benefit.

  7. Report the payor of the benefit and the other details on the benefit. Then select OK.

  8. Click Edit to make changes to the details you have reported. Once everything is correct, proceed to Other deductions.

  9. Report any deductions and tax credit here.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Delivery method.

  10. Select the date when you want the tax card to become valid and the delivery method.

    Enter the date from which your new tax card is valid.

    Also select the delivery method, i.e. whether you want the tax card electronically or on paper as well. 

    Kela will receive your tax card information directly from the Tax Administration.

  11. Recheck all the information. If you find any errors, correct them before submitting the request. You can go back to earlier stages by clicking Previous.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select Save as unfinished.

  12. Once all the tax card details are correct, select Submit.

    You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

If your benefit stops during the year and you start receiving pay, order a new tax card. This will ensure that you have the correct tax rate for your pay.

You can also order a tax card in other ways:

Information on tax cards and tax rates for benefits