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How to request additional prepayments in MyTax – individual taxpayer

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    Click the link Additional prepayment and prepayment changes for the previous year in the Tax card and prepayments 2022 section under Individual income tax.

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    You can pay additional prepayments in two different ways. Select the suitable option:

    1. If you know the amount of additional prepayment you need to pay, click Report the amount payable.
    2. If you cannot estimate the exact additional prepayment amount required, report the actual amount of income and deductions for the entire year. Click the link Report corrected income and deductions. Complete the tax card and prepayment request following these instructions and MyTax will calculate the prepayment amount required: How to request or change prepayments – individual taxpayers
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    The request has 2 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.

    Stage Request details: Enter the amount of additional prepayment and select a reason for the additional prepayment. Also enter the due date.

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    Stage Preview and send: Check that the details are correct. You can make corrections by clicking Edit or Previous.

    Once all the details are correct, click Submit. After this, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

  5. You can open the prepayment decision on the additional prepayment right away.

    The decision is also archived in MyTax: How to find letters, tax decisions and tax certificates in MyTax