How to request additional prepayments in MyTax – individual taxpayer

  1. Select Tax cards and prepayments under Activities.

  2. Select Change the prepayment under Prepayment 2020.

  3. You can pay the additional prepayment in two different ways. Select the suitable option:

    A) If you do not know the required amount of additional prepayment, you can request adjustment of your tax prepayment by stating your actual income and deductions. Select Report corrected income and deductions.

    Complete the tax card and prepayment request following these instructions: How to request adjustment of prepayment – individual taxpayer

    B) If you know the required amount of additional prepayment, continue from section 5 of the instructions.

  4. If you know the amount of prepayment, select Report the amount payable.

  5. Enter the amount of additional prepayment and select a reason for the additional prepayment. Also enter the due date. When all the details are correct, submit the request.