How to request adjustment of prepayment in MyTax - individual taxpayer

See instructions below or watch video: how to request prepayment (Youtube)

  1. Select “Tax cards and prepayments” under “Activities” on the MyTax home page.

  2. Go to the “Prepayment” section and select the tax year for which you want to change the prepayment. Click “Change the prepayment” to enter new information.

  3. In the first stage, you will see your relevant taxpayer details. If the details are correct, proceed to stage 2 “Pre-completed income and deductions”.

  4. Check your income and make the necessary changes. You can see the data used for the previous prepayment decision listed on the page.

    Example: Make changes to rental income by selecting the name of the property you rent out. Make the required changes and click “OK” to proceed. Once everything is correct, move on to stage 3 “Other income”.

  5. Check your other income and make the necessary changes. Once everything is correct, move on to stage 4 “Other deductions”.

  6. Report your deductions and tax credit here. Once everything is correct, proceed to stage 5 “Delivery method”.

  7. You will receive a new prepayment decision in MyTax once your request has been processed. Proceed to stage 6 “Preview and send”.

  8. Check the details before submitting them. If needed, you can still make corrections. You can return to earlier stages by clicking “Previous”.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select “Save as unfinished”. The Tax Administration will not process the tax return before you have submitted it.

  9. If the details are correct, click “Submit”.

    The new prepayment decision will be delivered to you. The details you submit are saved in MyTax, as well.