Receive less paper mail – start using

To stop receiving paper correspondence from public authorities, ask for e-messaging to be activated for you on You need your e-bank codes for the activation.

When you have activated Messages, the Tax Administration will only send you messages electronically. 

You will receive e-mail whenever a new message arrives to you in MyTax. However, you may still receive paper mail for some types of taxes. The Tax Administration is gradually reducing its paper correspondence.

You receive your tax card for 2019 by letter

In December or January, you receive your 2019 tax card on paper even if your Messages are activated. The card will come into force on 1 February 2019.

Your card is saved in MyTax, and you can log in there to make changes to it. If you have started using Messages on, you’ll receive e-mail when your card is ready in MyTax.

In the future, we will no longer send you any paper tax cards if you are a user of Messages.

Tax returns in spring 2019

If you have activated Messages by February 2019, you will not receive a pre-completed tax return as a paper version. Instead, the system will send you e-mail as soon as your pre-completed return has become available in MyTax as an online version.

If you have not activated Messages, we will send you the paper version by letter – in addition to making the online version available for you in MyTax.

Please check the contents of your return – if you detect any errors or omissions, make the corrections in MyTax.

  1. Log in to

    You need your e-bank codes.

  2. Go to Messages

  3. Give a general permission to public authorities to send you messages electronically.

  4. Give an e-mail address for alerting you that you have tax mail in MyTax.

  5. Choose your contact language.

  6. Save your settings.