Certificate of paid taxes, certificate of tax debts

This guidance concerns both individual and corporate taxpayers.

We give out certificates to those who request it. If the taxpayer has unpaid taxes, or has not submitted their tax returns on time, a Certificate of Tax Debts is issued. You can order the certificate in MyTax, by phone or by completing a form online. You can also print out the certificate by yourself in MyTax.

The certificates establish the current situation, valid at the date of issue. We do not issue them for a date that has already passed. If you need to check whether a business' registrations are valid in the Employer Register, VAT Register and Prepayment Register, you must look up the business under its company name in the Business Information System (www.ytj.fi).

We only issue certificates to the taxpayers themselves or to those who are expressly authorised to receive them: to people who have a Power of Attorney signed by the taxpayer, and to those public authorities who have the right to receive the certificate under the law.

If the Tax Debt Register shows that there are no records of an unpaid tax or neglected tax return for the company, self-employed operator, or estate of a deceased person you are looking for information on, there is no need to ask the Tax Administration to issue a certificate unless e.g. a prospective customer demands it.  However, the Tax Debt Register does not show any information on individual taxpayers.

Check the Tax Debt Register first to see whether the company you are interested in is on it. Find the Register on the Business Information System site (www.ytj.fi).

Read more about the Register (tax.fi/Tax debt register)

Certificate of paid taxes

This type of certificate is issued to taxpayers who have filed self-assessed their tax returns and paid their taxes on time.

Tax debt certificate

The issued document is a certificate of tax debts if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The taxpayer has taxes overdue (has tax debt)
  • Their tax returns for VAT, withholding tax or health insurance contributions are not up to date, or payments are outstanding
  • There are outstanding debts based on third-party liability
  • There are outstanding debts based on an obligation to pay compensation for damages  
  • There are tax debts due to a corporate restructuring program or a private individual's debt adjustment program
  • There is a payment arrangement with the Tax Administration currently in force.

Requesting the certificates

To order the certificate, the following options are available:

  • in MyTax (tax.fi/mytax)
  • Complete the online Order Form
    Order a Certificate (vero.fi/verovelkatodistus)
  • Call our Telephone Service on 029 497 032 (standard call rates apply)

Note: English versions are only available when ordered by phone or at the tax office.

We deliver your certificate within 3 to 4 business days to your address recorded in the Tax Administration's database. We do not use e-mail for delivery because of data security reasons. Orders via MyTax are delivered online as soon as the order form is processed. You can print out the certificate with your own printer.

You may also ask for preparation and delivery of a new certificate every month or with longer regular intervals. Such an order will remain valid for one year counting from the date of delivery of the first certificate.

Certificates are marked with authentication codes.

Debts relating to any outstanding car taxes or excise duties are not on the Certificate.

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