Filing commuting expenses in MyTax

  1. Select Tax returns and tax information under Activities.

  2. Select the year 2020. Then click on Travel expenses.

  3. If you also want to request a new tax card where the travel expenses have already been considered in the tax rate, select Request a new tax card. (See the instructions: Ordering a tax card in MyTax)

    If you do not want to request a new tax card, select Report deduction only.

    When you only report the deduction, the details you file will automatically show in your next request for a tax card or prepayments and in the pre-completed tax return. The credit will be taken into account in the tax rate of the next tax card or afterwards in the final tax assessment (in the amount of tax refund or back taxes).

  4. You can file the travel expenses by clicking Add new travel expense.

  5. Select Commute as the type of travel and select the means of transport.

    1. If you are filing commuting expenses based on public transport, enter the following:
      • address details (home address and address of the place of work)
      • daily travel distance (e.g. 20 km)
      • period of travel (e.g. 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019)
      • travel expenses in euros (e.g. €1,000)
    2. If you are filing the travel expenses for trips using your own car or a company car, also enter the following:
      • grounds for using means other than public transport
      • vehicle (drop-down list)
      • number of travel days

    After you have entered all the details, click OK.

  6. If everything is correct, click Submit.