Travel expenses

There are many different travel expenses that qualify for tax deductions on the condition that they relate to your work. To claim the expenses and get deductions, you either inform the tax office of your travelling by completing the tax return or by providing details for a tax-card withholding calculation. 

Some expenses are deductible as commuting expenses – which means your trips between home and work – involving a calculation made under the assumption that you use the least expensive means of transportation. There is both a minimum and maximum value.

Others are deductible as expenses for the production of income – which means you can claim the real expenses you paid on the travel, with no own liability and no maximum deductible value.

Travel expenses in your tax card

Your tax card may include travel expenses that have already been taken into account

The standard tax card you receive at the turn of the year may include travel expenses that have already been taken into account. Check that the information is correct. The deductions for travel expenses are based on your tax assessment for the previous year, which is why they may be outdated.

Order a tax card in MyTax

Travel expenses in a revised tax card are transferred to the pre-completed tax return

Travel costs that have been taken into account in the standard tax card are not transferred to the pre-completed tax return. If you have asked for a new tax card during the year, any travel expenses that you have filed for it will automatically appear on the pre-completed tax return you receive in spring. Check that the amounts are correct. If the travel expenses you estimated when you asked for the new tax card did not materialise, you need to correct the details in MyTax or with paper forms.

File a return in MyTax

The e-Service gives you guidance and help as you fill in the spaces 

To make sure that you get the deductions you are entitled to, you must enter the expenses in the right places. This way, what you have claimed as expenses is automatically treated either as a deduction for commuting expenses or as a deduction for the production of income. When you log on to the e-Service, it gives you guidance and displays a number of help texts.