How to file a deduction for a second home for work in MyTax

  1. Select “Tax returns and tax information” under Activities on the MyTax home page.

  2. Select the current year.

  3. Click on “Deduction for second home for work”.

  4. If you also want to request a new tax card where the deduction for second home for work has already been considered in the tax rate, select “Request a new tax card”. (See the instructions: Ordering a tax card in MyTax)

    If you do not want to request a new tax card, select "Report deduction only”.

    When you only report the deduction, the details you file will automatically show in your next request for a tax card or prepayments and in the pre-completed tax return. The deduction will be taken into account in the tax rate of the next tax card or afterwards in the final tax assessment (in the amount of tax refund or back taxes).

  5. You can file details by clicking “Add a new second home for work”.

  6. Enter details on the second home for work:

    • type of second home for work (such as employer-provided dwelling or rental apartment)
    • address of the second home
  7. Enter details on your place of work:

    • employer's name
    • address of the place of work

    If you have rented the second home because of another primary place of work, select “Yes”.

  8. Check that the address of your permanent home has been entered correctly.

  9. Enter the distance between your place of work and your permanent home in full kilometres.

  10. Enter the distance between your second home for work and your permanent home in full kilometres.

  11. Select whether you live in your permanent home alone or together with your spouse and/or underage children.

  12. Fill in how the second home is used and how much rent you pay

    Enter each time period as full months and the monthly rent you have paid.

  13. Finally, give your assurance that you have not been paid any tax-exempt allowance or benefit for your second home for work based on living in a locality other than where your home is located (such as tax-exempt housing allowance).

  14. Once the details are correct, click “OK”.

  15. Check the details before submitting them.