How to claim meal expenses in MyTax

  1. Select “Tax returns and tax information” under “Activities” on the MyTax home page.

  2. Select the year 2018.

  3. Select “Pre-completed tax return” under “Income tax”.

  4. In the first stage, you will see your relevant taxpayer details. Select “Next” or “Previous” to navigate in MyTax or click the item of your choice in the stage path.

    Go to 4 – Other deductions and select "Yes" under "Expenses for the production of income".

  5. Click "Open specification" under “Expenses for the production of wage income”.

  6. Enter the sum of the meals under “Increased living expenses due to business trips”.

  7. When the entries are correct, click “OK”.

  8. Go to 5 – Preview and send.

  9. Check the details before submitting them.

  10. If needed, you can still make corrections. You can return to earlier stages by clicking “Previous”.

  11. If the details are correct, click “Submit”.

  12. You receive an acknowledgement of receipt.