Rental income from Airbnb

Income received from sporadic rental operation (for example, via the Airbnb website) is also treated as taxable capital income.

You can deduct the expenses that relate to the rental operation. However, you can only claim the expenses that relate directly to the rental period and the rental operation. Examples of such expenses include the costs of finding a tenant, and a portion of your monthly maintenance charge. If only a part of the apartment is rented, you must calculate the deductible expense in correct proportions, relating to the length of the rental contract and the square metres of the part that was rented out.

How to file online

On your tax return: submit the amounts in the e-Service. If you submit them on paper, use either Form 7H (Rental income – apartment in a housing company) or Form 7K (Rental income – real property rented out).

On your tax card: submit the amount of your net rental income after you have deducted the relevant expenses.

Further information (in Finnish and Swedish)