Deductions for a donation – when you donate money to a university

Individuals and estates can deduct amounts donated to universities or other higher education institutions from their earned income. You can claim the deduction provided that you donated for the purpose of promoting science or arts.

To be deductible, the minimum donation is €850 and maximum €500,000.

How to claim

For the 2019 tax year

You receive your personal pre-completed tax return by the end of April. Claim the deduction in your tax return before its due date. We will then take account of it in your tax decision, which you will receive by the end of October.

For 2020

You can benefit from the deduction immediately if you report it for your tax card and lower your withholding rate. You can also submit details in advance for your next year’s tax return, which you will receive the following spring. When you receive the tax return, check the details on it and make corrections if necessary.

Claim the deduction in MyTax

You can also file the details on paper with Form 50A Earned income and deductions. How to file on paper forms