Maintenance and modernisation work entitle you to the tax credit

The following maintenance and modernisation work entitles you to the credit:

  • renovation of kitchen, bathroom and other rooms
  • renovation of basement or sauna facilities in a detached house
  • work relating to electricity, plumbing and cabling in a detached house
  • painting of an outhouse
  • installation of a security lock.

Check the work types frequently raising questions about entitlement to the tax credit for household expenses

You can also get the credit if the household expenses relate to your secondary or town apartment.

Examples of work that does not entitle you to the credit

  • renovations in an apartment
  • new construction, and comparable further and additional construction projects
  • work you do yourself.

The credit is granted only for the part of the expenses that relates to work

You are granted the credit only for the work-related expenses – not for travel expenses or supplies. When you receive an invoice from the entrepreneur or company that has worked for you, it must contain an itemisation of all the expenses, including the expenses that do not entitle you to the tax credit.

You are entitled to the tax credit when you have had work done

  • in your home
  • in your holiday home
  • in your parents’ or grandparents’ home.

You do not have to own the apartment, it is enough if you live there or if it is in your own use.