How to request the tax credit for household expenses

You can already report creditable expenses for 2019 for your tax card. This way, you will benefit from the credit immediately. You can also submit information in advance for the tax return you receive in spring 2020.


Request that your household expenses lower the withholding rate on the card. When you have submitted a request for a new card, your withholding for the current year may decrease.
When you have asked for your tax card to be revised, the household expenses will be transferred to the pre-completed tax return that you receive next spring. Check the amounts when you receive the tax return.


You can claim the expenses for a tax credit for household expenses for 2019 in your tax return. You can use MyTax for this purpose already now. If you prefer, you can wait until next spring and claim the expenses after you receive the pre-completed return form.

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How to file tax credit for household expenses in MyTax

Alternatively, you can file the information on paper (Forms 14A, 14B and 14C).
How to file information for your tax return on paper

Report the information only once. If you have reported the information for the tax card, or on, it is transferred to the pre-completed tax return automatically. Check the amounts when you receive the tax return.


To file the required details, you need the following information:

the company’s Business ID or individual worker’s personal identity code

the invoice total or the gross wages – if you divide the expenses with your spouse, specify your portion of the invoice or wages 

the part of the expenses relating to work, including taxes or social security expenses

Save the receipts for what you've paid for the work done. We may ask you to show them later.

Do you pay wages through

If you have employed a person and you pay their wages through the e-service, you can also request a tax credit for household expenses in the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the facts at You can look up any business entity by its name or Business ID. Type it in the search field.

Always check that the company, business, entrepeneur, etc. is registered in the prepayment register before you make an agreement with them. The business must be registered at the point in time when you make the agreement. If a company is on the register at that time, you will be granted the tax credit for household expenses even if its registration had been terminated by the time when you pay the invoice.


However, if registration is not valid at all, you cannot be entitled to the credit.

A common-law spouse can get the credit even when (s)he is not an owner of the apartment. A valid justification is that the spouse lives in the apartment and has paid expenses that entitle to the tax credit.

A child living at home may also be granted the credit if (s)he has income and has paid expenses entitling to the credit.

The credit is specific for the calendar year.

It is granted for the year when you pay the invoice to the company or pay your directly hired worker’s wages and social security expenses. If, for example, renovations are made at the turn of the year, you may request the credit in two tax years – depending on when you pay the related invoices. The personal liability portion will be subtracted in both years.

You can request the credit to be taken into account in the calculation of your withholding rate on your tax card for the current year or, alternatively, you can request the credit at a later date when you submit your tax return.

How to request the tax credit for household expenses

The tax credit for household expenses is deducted primarily from the tax on earned income and capital income. Most other deductions are deducted from the taxpayer’s earned income before tax is calculated, so the deduction effect is weaker than in the case of the tax credit for household expenses.

If the tax credit for household expenses is greater than the taxpayer’s total taxes, the exceeding portion cannot be carried over to the next year.

You cannot be granted the tax credit for household expenses if, for the same purpose, you have received

  • a dependent care allowance
  • a child home care allowance
  • a private care allowance
  • financial support for renovations from State funds or from funds of another public body (however, support for heating system conversion has no effect on your eligibility for the tax credit)
  • a voucher for social and health care services granted by your municipality
  • a pay subsidy for a household acting as the employer.

If you notice afterwards that you could have received the tax credit for household expenses, you may claim it even after the statutory tax assessment period has ended. Request a change by filing a claim for adjustment.

The credit is personal, so you and your spouse together may get a credit of €4,800.

You can agree between yourselves how to divide the credit. The credit will be granted in the tax assessment based on your request. The personal liability portion is first subtracted from both of you. If the expenses do not exceed the €2,400 threshold, it is advisable that only one of you should request the credit. This way, the personal liability portion will be subtracted only once.