Employer at a construction site – guidance on how to help your workers with their tax matters

Are you coming to Finland for work and need a tax card or a tax number and a tax card?

If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code
, call our service number +35829 497 050. Our customer service advisors will tell you what to do. You do not have to visit a tax office. These simplified rules are in effect up to 28 February 2022. Read more: A foreign worker can get a tax card or tax number without visiting the tax office.
Opening hours of tax offices have been restricted. We do not recommend visiting tax offices.

If you have a Finnish personal identity code and you are able to log in to MyTax, you can use MyTax to have your tax number entered into the Public Register of Tax Numbers. See guide on how to add the number to the register yourself

Everyone who works at building sites or worksites of installation projects must wear a name tag with a photo and their individual tax number printed on it. The worker’s tax number must be entered in the tax number register.

The worker must first have a Finnish personal identity code – after that, the tax number can be issued.

If you are an independent contractor, i.e. a self-employed individual, you must find out what you have to do.

Select the option that best describes your situation.

The final part contains specific guidance on:

  • how to give your workers instructions in tax matters
  • what you can do on behalf of your workers
  • what you as the employer are responsible for.