The public register of Tax Numbers

The Tax Numbers of the individuals who work on construction sites can be entered in the new Public TN Register that will open 1 August 2012.

Registration will mean that anyone can check whether the name and Tax Number of any individual who works on a building site have been recorded by the Tax Administration. Similarly, employers and other issuers of name tags will be able to check that the Tax Numbers of their workers match the registration records of the Tax Administration.

Request for entry in the public TN Register

When the individual Tax Number is assigned to a construction worker it does not automatically mean that the worker is entered in the public TN Register. You have to request for registration. Requests may be made by

• The construction workers themselves,

• Their employer or  

• The main contractor.  

In addition, the Tax Administration may enter an individual in the Register on its own initiative.


If you have a Finnish personal identity code

Workers and self-employed individuals are entitled to ask for registration by calling 029 497 070 or by visiting a tax office.

If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code

Workers and self-employed individuals who have not obtained a Finnish personal identity code must visit a tax office to request it and to also request an individual Tax Number. After this they are entitled to ask for registration.

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When employers submit online requests for their workers' Tax Numbers and the request covers at least 20 individual workers, they will automatically be registered, and no separate requests for registration will then be necessary. The employer can send the requests online to the Tax Administration at Further information on this procedure will be available in June.


An individual's data can be removed from the TN Register on the request of the worker when he or she has shown proof that he no longer is a construction-industry employee. Examples of satisfactory proof include an explanation showing that he has moved on to work for another company which does not operate in the construction industry. In addition, the Tax Administration may remove an individual from the register on its own initiative if he or she no longer works at any construction sites in Finland.

However, removal from the TN Register cannot be effected if the employer asks for it, or if another party that originally requested for registration asks for it. Although the personal identity numbers linked to TNs are employer-specific, the TN itself is specific only to the individual worker concerned. Therefore, there is no justifiable reason that an employer or a main contractor should have the right to request removal of an individual worker's data from the register. Only the individual worker is in position to decide whether a valid entry in the register will continue to be necessary for him or her after he or she stops working in the construction industry.

Check the correctness of registration entries; search the name, search the TN

The public TN Register is created and maintained by the central government. Its entry data consists of individuals' last name, first name and Tax Number. Online searches result in a simple statement on whether the searched individual is registered and whether the searched Tax Number is correct. Thus it is not enough to only key in the name or the Tax Number. Searches require the input of first name(s), last name and the Tax Number. The search result is the answer to the question whether they match, in other words, is there a registration or not. Other information (such as the individual's personal identity code) is not displayed.


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