How to make a claim for adjustment in MyTax

  1. Go to Activities and select All activities.

  2. Scroll down to Claims for adjustment. Select the claim for adjustment that you wish to make. These instructions use Claim for adjustment to the Assessment Adjustment Board as an example.

  3. In the first stage, first select Yes. Then select the decision that you want to adjust. Your claim for adjustment can also concern multiple decisions.

    If there are a lot of decisions, you can filter them for example by decision date or tax type. Proceed to the next stage, Claims and grounds.

  4. Enter your claims and their grounds in the text fields. If your claim for adjustment concerns an individual’s income tax, specify which subject or subjects it relates to. You can also add attachment files. 

    Proceed to the next stage, Contact information.

  5. Fill in the contact information of someone who can provide further information. Proceed to Preview and send.

  6. If you need to make changes, click Previous to go back to earlier stages.

    When all the details are correct, submit your claim. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt.