How to make a claim for adjustment in MyTax

  1. You can make a claim for adjustment of taxes under the "Activities" tab. Select "Claims for adjustment" on the list.

  2. How to make a free-form claim for adjustment:

    Select "Claim for adjustment, free-form".

  3. Choose which decision or decisions you wish to be adjusted. Your claim for adjustment can concern multiple decisions. You can use the filter to display different decision types by selecting it in the menu.

  4. Enter your claim and the grounds for it in the "Claim for adjustment" field or add it as an attachment.

  5. Here you can choose whether you want to request an injunction or interruption of enforcement, as well. Click "Next".

  6. Select or enter the contact information of a person who can provide further information and proceed to preview the details you have entered by clicking "Next".

  7. If everything is correct, submit your claim for adjustment. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt once your claim has been submitted.