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Rental income for 2022: How to file in MyTax

You can report rental income for 2022 for your tax card or make prepayments for the rental income.

  • When you report rental income for your tax card, the tax on the rental income is taken into account in the tax rate indicated on your tax card. In practice, you pay the tax on the rental income in connection with the tax withheld from your wages, for example.
  • When you request prepayments for rental income, you receive separate instructions on how to pay the prepayments. You need to pay the tax in 2–12 instalments during the year. The number of instalments depends on the amount of tax.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

Open a tax card and prepayment request

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    Go to the Individual income tax section, select Tax card and prepayments 2022 and click the Tax cards and prepayments link.

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    Option A: If the rental income is under €7,000 and you want the income to be taken into account on your tax card, click Request a new tax card.

    Option B: If the rental income is over €7,000 during the year, we recommend that you go to the Prepayments 2022 section and click the Request tax prepayment button. You will find the button if you scroll down. If you wish, you can also choose this option even if your rental income is under €7,000.

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    If you selected the tax card, click the button that says Select the complete tax card request.

Fill in the request

The tax card and prepayment request has 6 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.

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    The Background stage:

    Check that your details are correct.

    If your details exist in the Tax Administration records, they are shown under Contact details of person giving further information. If someone else provides further information about the request, enter their contact details.

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    The Pre-completed income and deductions stage:

    You can see the details on the income and deductions based on which your current tax card has been calculated. You can make corrections to details in this stage. If you have had previous rental income, also report the new rental income in this stage.

    If you are reporting rental income for the first time, move on to the Other income stage.

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    The Other income stage:

    First, click Yes in the Rental income section and then click Add new rental income.

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    Select the type of property you have rented out.

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    Enter more detailed information on an apartment, for example. Note that you can only report the details of one apartment at a time.

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    Give details on each tenant who is renting the same rental unit.

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    Report the rental income and expenses in their respective fields.

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    If you receive rental income from a real estate unit or other property, you can claim depreciation. Click Calculation of depreciation. Then click Add new depreciation. Give the depreciation details.

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    Click OK.

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    If you receive rental income from other sources as well, report each rental unit separately by clicking the Add new rental income link again.

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    Next, select whether you wish to pay tax prepayments on the rental income or whether you want the taxes to be taken into account in the tax rate indicated on your tax card.

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    The Other deductions stage:

    Report deductions, if any: Click Yes at the relevant deduction. After this, you can give more detailed information.

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    The Delivery method stage:

    If you selected prepayment, go to Preview and send.

    If you selected tax card:

    • Enter the date from which your new tax card is valid.
    • Select whether you want your tax card to be delivered
      • only electronically to MyTax
      • to MyTax and by post to your home
      • to MyTax and straight to the payor.

    If you select the last option, you must then enter the payor’s address and other details.

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    The Preview and send stage:

    First, make sure all the details are correct. Click Edit or Previous to make corrections. In this stage, you will also see any prepayment instalments.

    When everything is correct, click Submit. After this, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

Page last updated 4/4/2022