Tax return for forestry – how to report supply work

  1. Supply work relating to forestry is reported in section 3 of the tax return for forestry. “Expenses and reserves”.

  2. Find “Supply work” in the list. By clicking “Yes” you can report details on the supply work. The details are reported separately for each employee.

  3. Add new supply work by clicking “Add new”.

  4. In the fields that open, enter the details of the party that did the supply work and details on the amount of timber that was delivered. Calculate the value of supply work separately for each type of timber for the entire amount of timber prepared and transported. 

  5. You add the supply work details to the return by clicking “OK”. 

  6. Report the part of the supply work that belongs to timber sales with delivery and the part that belongs to sales of firewood and Christmas trees.

  7. If needed, you can add details on a new supply worker by clicking “Add new”.

  8. You can close the box by clicking on the “Total supply work” row.