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How to supplement a deed of estate inventory or submit a deed of estate distribution in MyTax

Follow the instructions below in the following cases:

  • A deed of estate inventory has already been sent to the Tax Administration. After that, new information affecting tax assessment has come up. The inheritance tax assessment has not been carried out yet. You are submitting an additional account as an attachment.
  • You are submitting a supplementary deed of estate inventory.
  • You are submitting a deed of partition and distribution of an estate.

If new information affecting tax assessment comes up after the inheritance tax assessment has been completed, you must file an appeal.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

Do the following in MyTax

  1. See image

    Select the All tax types tab.

  2. See image

    Click the Activities relating to inheritance tax link under Inheritance tax.

  3. See image

    Select Deed of partition and distribution of an estate or another additional account under Deed of estate inventory.

  4. See image

    The process has 2 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail below your name.

    Stage Basic details:

    • Enter the details of the deceased person.
    • Click Add file to add attachments. Attachments can have the following file formats: PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, TIFF and PNG.
    • Enter the contact information of a person who can provide further information.
  5. See image

    Stage Preview and send: Check that the details are correct. Finally, click Submit.

Page last updated 1/5/2023