How to see in MyTax if your tax refund has been used for payment of taxes

If you have unpaid taxes from before or taxes that fall due after the end of your tax assessment, your tax refund will be used for paying your taxes starting from your assessment end date until the 4th day of the following month. Your refund will be used

  • to settle any unpaid taxes immediately after your assessment has ended, and
  • to pay taxes that fall due, immediately on their due dates.

You will see the details on the use of the refund in MyTax as soon as your tax refund has been used for paying a tax.

  1. Click the “Payments and refunds made” tab.

  2. If your tax refund has been used for payment of taxes, it will show in the “Payments and refunds used for taxes” table.

    • The column “Amount used” shows how much of the refund was used.
    • Click on “Details on use” in the “Use of payment or refund” column to see further details.
  3. 4. You can see the exact taxes that were covered under “Tax type” on the “Use for tax types” tab. In the “Amount used” column you will see the amount of refund used for payment of taxes.

    • If your tax refund has been distrained, i.e. recovered by enforcement, the “Tax type” column reads “Transfer to other receivables”. If this is the case, you will get more information on the use of your refund from the enforcement authorities. Please note that a distraint can be made at anytime up until the tax refund is paid to you.
  4. For further information on how your refund has been used, click the “Full details” tab. Click the link in the “Period” column to view the transactions of the tax period.