Visit MyTax to see how your tax refund has covered your unpaid taxes

  1. Click the “Payments and refunds made” tab.

    Note: Your refund may have been used as payment for real estate taxes. In this case, contrary to other types of taxes, MyTax is not updated. Instead, we will send you a letter to notify that your refund has set off an unpaid real estate tax.

  2. If the Tax Administration has covered your unpaid tax with an amount that would otherwise have been refunded to you, it will show under “Payments and refunds used for taxes”.

    • You can see how much was used under “Amount used”. If several different types of tax had been unpaid, MyTax shows each one of them separately.
    • Click “Details on use” in the “Use of payment or refund” column to see further details.
  3. You can see the exact taxes that were covered under “Tax type” in the “Use for tax types” tab. The part of your refund applied to unpaid taxes is under “Amount used”.

    • In case your tax debt is subject to recovery by an enforcement office, the text under “Tax type” is "Transfer to other receivables". You must contact the enforcement office to find out how they have used your refund. Note: in case of enforced recovery, the amount that would otherwise be refunded may be transferred to the enforcement office at any time, up to the day when the refund is paid to you.
  4. For further information on how your refund has been used, click the “Full details” tab. Click the link in the “Period” column to view the transactions of that period.

  5. Under “Refunds to taxpayer”, you see refunds already paid to you.