Pay in MyTax

You can pay your taxes as online payments in MyTax. See instructions: How to pay taxes in MyTax.

You can log in to MyTax with your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate. If you are the guardian of an underage child, you can also see their details in your MyTax.

When you pay in MyTax, the payment details are automatically transferred to your bank’s online payment template. This way, the payment date is always the current date, and you cannot change it.

Please note: You cannot pay amounts smaller than €0.65 in MyTax. For example, you may have incurred a small amount of late-payment interest if you have paid your taxes a day or two after the due date, and because of this you may have an amount under €0.65 payable in MyTax. You can pay the amount by adding it to your next payment of the same tax type. No recovery measures are taken for unpaid amounts under €10.

You can currently see most of your taxes and their payment statuses in MyTax. Real estate taxes and transfer taxes are not available in MyTax until November 2019.

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