Checking your back taxes and payment details in MyTax

  1. If your tax assessment has not ended yet, you can see your current amount of back taxes in the “Individual income tax” section on the home page. Please note that the amount on the home page changes if you pay the tax or your unused credit is used to pay for it.

    You can see the due dates for your back taxes by clicking the question mark in the “Individual income tax” section.

  2. After your tax assessment has ended, you can see your amount of back taxes and their due dates in your balance on the home page.

  3. Select “Paying taxes” under “Activities” to check the payment details, such as the bank account number and the reference number.

  4. You can find the bank reference number and the Tax Administration’s bank account number on the “Paying taxes” page.

  5. Log in to your e-bank and pay the back taxes with the payment details you looked up.