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How to file the transfer of an apartment, a real estate unit, or other asset in MyTax

Have you sold or otherwise transferred your property? Use MyTax to report the gain or loss for selling an apartment or for transferring assets in a change-of-generation situation, for example.

  1. Select “Tax returns and tax information” under Activities on the MyTax home page.

  2. Select the year 2018.

  3. Select “Pre-completed tax return” under “Income tax”.

  4. In the first stage, you will see your own details. You will also see here the real estate units and shares in a housing company that you own, but you cannot report the transfer of these assets (such as the sale of an apartment or real estate unit) here. Report this information in section 3 “Other income”.

    You can navigate in MyTax by selecting “Next” or “Previous” or, alternatively, by clicking the item of your choice in the stage path.

  5. Go to section 3 “Other income” and select “Yes” for “Capital gains”.

  6. You can file details by selecting “Add new transfer”.

  7. Next, select the type of asset that has been transferred:

    a) shares in a housing company or real estate company

    b) real estate

    c) other assets.

  8. Next, fill in the transfer details.

    a) If the asset you have sold is in the Tax Administration’s records, you will see its details on the page. Fill in the transfer details.

    b) If the asset details are not in the Tax Administration’s records, first fill in the asset details and then the transfer details.

  9. Once the details are correct, click “OK”.

  10. Go to section 5 “Preview and send”.

  11. Check the details before submitting them.

  12. If needed, you can still make corrections. You can return to earlier stages by clicking “Previous”.

  13. If the details are correct, click “Submit”.

  14. We will send you an acknowledgement of receipt.