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How to file with paper forms – real estate tax

You can use MyTax to make corrections to your real estate information. If you cannot make corrections online, you can authorise someone else to file real estate information in MyTax on your behalf.

Note that the forms must arrive at the Tax Administration by the due date stated on the real estate tax decision. Act in good time to avoid a late-filing penalty.


Make sure you have the necessary form

Download the form at You can also get the form by calling our telephone service (standard call rates) or by visiting a local tax office. 

Do not use forms from previous years.


Send the completed forms to the correct address

The return address for the forms is

Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. Box 700
00052 VERO

There is no return envelope enclosed with the real estate tax decision. You can get a return envelope from a tax office or by ordering an envelope together with the form by phone. You can also use your own envelope. In that case, remember to buy a stamp.


Send us the completed forms in good time

Make sure to get the forms early, and allow enough time for postal delivery. If you do not send us your corrections on time, you may have to pay a late-filing penalty.

Please take account of the following

  • The information you enter into the fields on the form will be read by optical character recognition. It is therefore important that you make sure the entries do not exceed the field limits. Also, do not staple the paper forms together.
  • Use only forms printed out from or collected from a tax office. Do not use photocopies. Photocopied forms may have inferior quality, making optical character recognition difficult.

Information submitted on paper will be later displayed in MyTax

If you send us information on paper, your new real estate tax decision will become available in MyTax. You can see the new real estate tax decision in MyTax after the Tax Administration has finished processing the paper forms you have submitted.

Page last updated 3/2/2020