Paying real estate tax after due date

If you pay your real estate tax late, you must add late-payment interest to the tax. This is what you should do:

  1. Calculate the late-payment interest you need to add using the late-payment calculator (in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).
  2. Add the interest to the amount of tax stated on the bank transfer form or in the e-invoice.
  3. Pay the resulting full amount in one single payment. Use the payment information given on the bank form or e-invoice.

How to calculate

You can use the late-payment calculator (in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish) to calculate the late-payment interest for your tax. In 2019, the interest rate is 7%. The minimum amount of late-payment interest is €3.00.

You receive a reminder if the tax is not paid in time

If you do not pay your real estate tax on time, the Tax Administration will send you a reminder. You may receive another reminder or up to 3 reminders, and after that the tax is transferred to the enforcement authorities for recovery. How many times you are sent a reminder depends on whether you have other unpaid taxes, and on whether or not you have filed your tax returns on time.

If the first instalment of real estate tax is not paid, you will receive a payment reminder by post only once. Any further reminders will be inserted in your tax summary, which you can also view in MyTax. If you have activated, you get the summary in MyTax only.

The penalty interest has been calculated up to the due date stated in the reminder. If you pay the tax before that, use the interest calculator to calculate the exact amount of late-payment interest.

You can request a payment arrangement for real estate tax in MyTax as of 8 November. Read more about payment arrangements.