Note: Changed bank account numbers for paying real estate tax!

If you did not pay your 2019 real estate tax by its due date and you are about to send a payment now, send it to:

  • Nordea: FI64 1660 3000 1176 25
  • OP: FI35 5000 0120 2535 04
  • Danske Bank: FI56 8919 9710 0007 24

The previous bank account numbers for real estate taxes are out of service. Payment probably does not arrive at the Tax Administration!

Remember to include your reference number for real estate taxes with all payments of these taxes. If you do not enter the reference number as it should be, the amount you send will not be reconciled to the real estate tax you owe. Late-payment penalty charges will result.

Log in to MyTax to look up the information you need for paying your real estate tax. MyTax has a payment feature that allows you to send the payment in MyTax. This feature will ensure that your reference number and the Tax Administration’s bank account number will both be right. Another way to get the information you need for sending a payment of real estate taxes is to phone our service number 029 497 026.

If you pay real estate tax late

If you pay your real estate tax after the due date, you must also pay late-payment interest. Pay the interest together with the actual tax. You must also pay late-payment interest on any punitive tax increase. In 2019, the interest rate is 7%. 

You can see the amount of unpaid tax with interest in MyTax or you can calculate the late-payment interest with the interest calculator.

You must use your personal reference number for real estate tax when making the payment. You can see your reference number in your real estate tax decision and in MyTax.

Summary reminds you of unpaid taxes

If you have unpaid taxes, your tax summary will include a reminder.  You will receive a summary for the months for which you have overdue taxes. If you have activated electronic messages (, you will receive the summary in MyTax only. 

You will receive 1–3 payment reminders in your summaries before we transfer the tax to the enforcement authorities for recovery. The number of payment reminders depends on whether you have other unpaid taxes. Read more about the summary.