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Missing or demolished building – correct the information, if necessary

You do not need to notify us if you have applied for a building permit for a new building or alterations of an existing one. We will receive the information from other authorities. You must report other changes, such as demolishing a building, yourself in MyTax.

Correct your real estate tax decision, if necessary

Report the correct information to us, if your real estate tax decision has the following deficiencies:

  • There is an error in the decision.
  • There is a building missing from your decision that is larger than 5 m2. A building does not need to be recorded if it is smaller than 5 m2 or if its size is 5 m2 exactly.
  • Your decision includes a demolished building. The Tax Administration does not always receive information on demolished buildings. Correct the information: remove the building from the real estate information and report the date on which the building was demolished. If the building existed on 1 January 2023, taxes on it are still paid in 2023.

How to check the real estate tax return in MyTax

Page last updated 1/1/2023