How to report construction details

Report construction details

Frequently Asked Questions about the sections of the construction work report

Report the amounts without VAT

Report the details according to the invoices that have been paid at the time of reporting

Report the property identifier with a total of 14 digits, for example 012-012-0012-0012. If there are fewer digits, enter a 0 before the digit.

Name of real estate unit: If you do not know the name of the real estate unit, enter for instance your own surname or the address of the real estate unit.

Add the country code before the telephone number: e.g. +358

Specification of construction work: Is it a new construction or a repair

Start and end dates of work: Enter in the format mm/yy–mm/yy and report employees only if you have hired them yourself.

You will also need the following details for filling in the report:

  • constructor’s name and personal ID
  • name and Business ID of the company that performed the work
  • names and personal IDs of employees you have hired
  • invoices you have paid to companies (excluding VAT) or wages to employees
  • start and end dates of the work

If there are many constructors (e.g. spouses), report the details on one form.

If all invoices have not been paid before the final inspection

Correct or make additions to the construction work report once you have paid the last of the invoices.

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