Buyer of new property – pay transfer tax and file your return

You purchase “new property” in a situation where you buy a new home, parking space, storage room or similar from a builder-developer during the construction stage. Then you are actually buying shares in a housing company or real estate company, and these shares entitle you to the possession of a flat or apartment in a block of flats, or of a terrace-house apartment. As the buyer, you are required to calculate and pay the transfer tax independently.

Exemptions from transfer tax may apply if you are a first-time homebuyer. and if certain requirements are met. However, even in that case, you must file the return.

If you bought a new flat or apartment during the construction stage and proceed to resell it to a third-party buyer before the date when its ownership is transferred to you, the sale usually goes ahead under a transfer agreement.


Calculate the tax

Transfer tax is 2% of the price (including any other consideration that had been agreed) and the unpaid part of any housing-company loan.

The “debt-free price” (velaton hinta; bostadens skuldfria pris) contains both the price of the flat itself and the part representing the housing-company loan, if any.

In other words, transfer tax is collected on the debt-free amount even though you might actually pay up the specific part of the housing-company loan when you sign the contract.

You can use the transfer tax calculator to help with your calculations.

Example: Sarah buys a flat for €120,000 (this is the price advertised as “myyntihinta”). The housing-company loan balance allocated to the shares is €160,000. This means that the debt-free price equals €280,000. The transfer tax is calculated on the basis of the €280,000. The tax is 2% × €280,000  = €5,600. It does not matter whether Sarah pays off the housing company loans when she makes the purchase, or whether she pays them off gradually as part of her monthly maintenance charge.


File the return

File a transfer tax return in 2 months from the date when ownership was transferred to you. Do this even if a realtor had assisted you.

File in MyTax 

MyTax opens 8th November at 9 o'clock.

The paper-printed form can be used by individual taxpayers, general partnerships and limited partnerships.

See instructions


Pay the tax

Pay the tax in 2 months from the date when ownership was transferred to you. Do this even if a realtor had assisted you.

Please note that in order to pay the tax, you must use a bank reference number for transfer tax. Log in to MyTax to look up your personal reference number for transfer tax, or ask the telephone service to give it to you.

Pay in MyTax

MyTax opens 8th November at 9 o'clock.

See guidance for payments


Present the transfer tax certificate to the manager of the housing company

To have your name entered in the housing company’s list of shareholders you must present your transfer tax certificate to the manager of the housing company (isännöitsijä; disponent). The Tax Administration issues you a certificate after transfer tax is reported and paid. You will receive it by post, and you can print it out in MyTax as well.

Taxpayers who have submitted the transfer tax return form before 1 November 2019 receive a stamped copy of the submitted return from the Tax Administration, and they can use it as their certificate.

Ask the manager about any other documentation they might require for having your name entered in the list of shareholders.

Transfer of ownership is specified in the deed of sale. In the case of new property, ownership is transferred when the building has been completed and you have paid the price in full.

Did you buy a parking space when you bought your home?

If a parking space or storage room is part of the contract to buy the home, remember to pay the transfer tax and to include the parking or storage in the information you report on the transfer tax return.

If the contract contains a specification of the price of the parking (or other space), fill in the price information in your transfer tax return.