How a company files a transfer tax return in MyTax

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    Find Activities and select All activities.

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    Go to Filing returns. Select Transfer tax.

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    Fill in the details of the contract. When you have filled in all the necessary details, proceed to Property details.

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    Select Add new.

    A new window opens. Enter details on the property bought by the company. Scroll down to see more fields to fill in. Once the details are correct, click OK.

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    You will now see the amount to be paid and the due date.

    Note: Even if you have paid the tax already, the amount and the due date keep showing.

    If other items were included in the same deal, report their details in the same way by clicking Add new. When you hare entered all the details on the property bought by the company, proceed to Additional information.

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    The company’s details are automatically entered in the field for further information if they are found in the Tax Administration records. If someone else provides further information about the transfer tax return, enter their details at Other contact information or Contact information of representative.

    Proceed to Preview and send.

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    Check the details you have entered to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make changes, click Edit.

    When all the details are correct, submit the transfer tax return.