How do I find the certificate of transfer tax in MyTax?

After you have filed and paid transfer tax in MyTax, you receive your certificate in your MyTax mailbox. This usually takes 2 working days. You will also receive a certificate when you have bought your first home.

If you have filed your transfer tax return on paper, wait for the certificate of transfer tax to become available in MyTax.

Note: You cannot view the return in MyTax if you have submitted it before November 2019, with the old paper form. Read more: As I remember, I already submitted my transfer tax return. So why can’t I see my payment or transfer-tax form in MyTax?

How to find the certificate of transfer tax in the MyTax mailbox

  1. After you have logged in to MyTax, select Mailbox on the home page. You can see the latest certificates of transfer tax you have received under Decisions and letters.

  2. When the Mailbox tab is open, click Show all. This will display all the decisions and letters you have received in MyTax.

  3. If you have received multiple certificates of transfer tax, you can identify them by the sale date. The sale date is shown in the Period column.

    Click on Filter, enter the sale date in the text field (e.g. 12.12.2019), and click on Filter again (or press Enter). MyTax will now display all the certificates of transfer tax for that date.