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What if I notice an error in my transfer tax return or in my payment?

If you need to make corrections to the information you submitted, submit a replacement. You can do this in MyTax or file a paper transfer tax return that replaces your original return. In this case, you must not only correct the mistakes but also complete the other spaces on the form again.

How to remedy errors of a transfer tax return in MyTax

If you submit a replacement on paper, remember to tick the “Replacement transfer tax return” box on the first page.

Note: if you submit the transfer tax return past deadline, you may have to pay a late-filing penalty or a tax increase.

If by this time, you already paid the transfer tax, look up the specific guidance on how to make corrections to the payment and the filed return.

If you submitted a return before 8 November 2019 and you need to make corrections to its errors, please call the Tax Administration service number +35829 497 022 (standard call rates apply).