First-time homebuyer – how to file a transfer tax return for shares in a housing company

You must file a transfer tax return even if you do not pay transfer tax for your first home.


File the return

Submit the transfer tax return within 2 months after you have signed the deed of sale or other contract (if no realtor assisted you).

If you buy a house or apartment with the assistance of a realtor

  • the realtor hands you a copy of the completed transfer tax return
  • the realtor submits the return to the Tax Administration.

If you purchased a newly constructed house or apartment, file the return within 2 months after the date of transfer of ownership to you even if a realtor has assisted you.

File the return online (in Finnish or Swedish)

File the return on paper

See instructions


Give the return to the manager of the housing company

To have your name entered in the list of shareholders, show the manager one of the following:

  • a printout of the e-filed return you made, complete with the Tax Administration’s acknowledgement of receipt
  • your processed (stamped) paper return
  • your copy of the return that your realtor prepared.

Ask the manager about any other documentation you might need for having your name entered in the list of shareholders.


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