Documentation 2021

The Incomes Register's technical instructions and schema descriptions for software developers for 2021 are published on this page. The documentation will be available in English later.

Incomes Register's interface descriptions and application guidelines for the submission and distribution of earnings and benefits payment data.

Data content application guidelines


  1. Wages – Descriptions of income types and items deducted from income  2021 (pdf), 24 June 2020, version 1.01

    The document contains descriptions of income types and deductibles used in the earnings payment report.
    • The document describes the situations in which the income types are used.

    • The document also contains description of withholding tax and payment of social insurance premiums with respect to each income type.

Technical interface descriptions

Content descriptions of schemas

  1. Data delivery – Schemas – Earnings payment reports 2021 (pdf), 12 June 2020, version 1.01
    • This document presents the WageReportsToIR schema, which is used for submitting earnings payment reports to the Incomes Register.

  2. Data delivery – Schemas – Record subscriptions 2021 (pdf), 1 June 2020, version 1.0

    • This document presents the SubscriptionsToIR schema, which is used for submitting record subscriptions to the Incomes Register.

  3. Data distribution – Schemas – Earnings payment reports 2021 (pdf), 1 June 2020, version 1.0

    • This document presents the WageReportsFromIR schema, which is used to distribute earnings payment reports from the Incomes Register.

  4. Data distribution – Schemas – Employer's separate reports 2021 (pdf), 1 June 2020, version 1.0

    • This document presents the PayerSummaryReportsFromIR schema, by which employer´s separate reports are distributed from the Incomes Register.


  1. Codes - Error codes 2021 (xls), 29.6.2020, version 1.0

Application developer's guidelines

  1. Technical interface – Application guidelines 2021 (pdf),  1 June 2020, version 1.0

    • This document describes the principles of the implementation of the Incomes Register technical interface from the system integration perspective