Incomes Register extract

The Incomes Register extract is a transcript of the income paid to you and reported by your employers to the Incomes Register. With the extract, you can view what income data has been reported for you. You can also search and browse the income reported for you under Personal income data in the e-service.

Order an Incomes Register extract electronically

You can order an Incomes Register extract in the Incomes Register's e-service. Log in to the e-service by clicking the link 'Incomes Register sign in' on the top of the page.

After you have logged in to the e-service, select Subscriptions from the menu and then select Submit a new transcript request. Select Income earner's Incomes Register extract as the type of the transcript.

You will get a confirmation of a successful subscription. The subscription will be shown on the Subscriptions page shortly. The subscribed Incomes Register extract will later appear under Latest query in PDF format. In the e-service, you can open the Incomes Register extract, save it on your computer or print it.

You cannot order an Incomes Register extract if your employer or some other payer has not yet reported to the Incomes Register any income they have paid to you.

Incomes Register extract data

The Incomes Register extract contains the following data:

  • Payments total
  • Income subject to earnings-related pension insurance contributions
  • Income subject to accident and occupational disease insurance contributions
  • Income subject to unemployment contributions
  • Income subject to health insurance contributions
  • Employee's earnings-related pension insurance contributions
  • Employee's unemployment insurance contributions
  • Employee's health insurance contributions
  • Withheld taxes
  • Tax at sourceinsurance
  • Unjust enrichment total
  • Recovered payments total

The data is grouped according to the payer.

If you would like to view the data of a single earnings payment report in more detail, search reports in the Incomes Register's e-service on the page Personal income data.

Are there errors in your Incomes Register extract?

If there are errors or omissions in the income data of the Incomes Register extract, please ask your employer to make corrections to the data they have reported to the Incomes Register.

Income paid before 1 January 2019

Data must be reported to the Incomes Register as of 1 January 2019. There are no data on income paid before 1 January 2019 in the Incomes Register.

Benefits payment data will be reported to the Incomes Register in 2021

As of 2021, pensions and benefits data will also be reported to the Incomes Register. The Incomes Register extract does not yet contain information on the pensions and benefits paid to you.