Income earners

In the future, income earners' own earnings payment data, pensions data and information on any benefits paid will be easily accessible from a single location in real time. Income earners will be able to use the Incomes Register's e-service to browse their own income information or any information they have been authorised to access. For the first time, income earners will have a real-time overview of their earnings payment and benefits data.

They will also be able to use the Incomes Register to check whether their employer has complied with the reporting obligations. This has not been possible before – potential omissions have not been spotted until income earners have received their next pre-completed tax return or pension statement, or when they have next had to deal with the authorities in some other matter.

Income information will be up to date in the Incomes Register

The parties using the data held in the Incomes Register will be able to search the Incomes Register directly for individual income earners' income information. Data users will be given access to the information as and when they need it for their respective decision-making processes. Only the information that each user has been authorised to access will be disclosed from the Incomes Register.

This will make things easier for citizens, as their income information will be up to date in the Incomes Register and they will have no need to report the information to the authorities when making applications, for example.

Income earners will also be able to request extracts concerning their own income information from the Incomes Register.