Employee leasing notice (TULOR 6106e)

Information can be reported on paper only in special circumstances. Public organisations and maritime employers cannot report on paper. Further, paper forms cannot be used by earnings-related pension providers whose pension provider code is one of the following:

20 Keva member organisations
24 Keva - Åland landskapsregerings pensionssystem
25 Keva - church
29 Keva - Kela employment pensions
30 Keva - state

Employee leasing notice (TULOR 6106e)

Employee leasing notice is used to report information on a foreign leased employee whom a foreign company has leased to a Finnish service recipient. The report must be submitted regardless of the duration of the work period. Check with the Tax Administration in which situations submitting an employee leasing notice is mandatory.

If the employee leasing notice is submitted on paper, the deadline is no later than on the 8th calendar day after the first wage payment date.

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