What Suomi.fi authorisations can be granted with the authorisation application?

The authorisation application can be used to grant three types of authorisations: a right to grant an authorisation, a representative’s right to grant an authorisation or an authorisation for transactions. Only a single type of authorisation at a time can be granted using a single authorisation application.

Persons provided with the right to grant an authorisation can independently grant and request Suomi.fi authorisations in the Suomi.fi service. They can, for example, grant Suomi.fi authorisations for an accounting firm and for employees of their company or organisation. Persons provided with the right to grant an authorisation can also later change any granted authorisations independently.

A representative’s right to grant an authorisation can be requested for a person who represents a company or organisation that has received an authorisation from another person, company or organisation. When a person has the representative’s right to grant an authorisation, they can:

  • grant authorisations to represent to other persons; a person with an authorisation to represent can, in the name of the authorised company or organisation, represent the party that has authorised the company or organisation
  • request authorisations for transactions from other companies, organisations or persons in the name of the party they represent.

Persons or organisations with an authorisation for transactions can carry out transactions on the assignor’s behalf. For example, an individual can authorise an accounting firm to report earnings payment data in the e-service of the Incomes Register for individuals.

The Incomes Register uses authorisation codes ‘Reporting earnings payment data’, ‘Browsing earnings payment data’, ‘Reporting benefits payment data’ and ‘Browsing benefits payment data’, as well as the processing of log, interface and report data related to income data.

What documents need to be attached to the authorisation application?

The documents required vary depending on the assignor. You can check in the Suomi.fi service what documents you need. When you enter information about the assignor, assignee and application submission method in the service, a summary of instructions and required documents will be shown to you.

Read more about how to submit an authorisation application and the documents required (suomi.fi).