You can grant authorisations with an authorisation application

What is the official-assisted authorisation service?

The official-assisted authorisation service enables granting electronic authorisations and acting on behalf of another party for parties that otherwise cannot grant electronic authorisations in the e-Authorisations service. In the service, the organisation must complete an authorisation application and attach the documents required to the application. An official will process the authorisation application.

The service is necessary, for example, for organisations, whose representative has not been registered in the Trade Register, the Register of Associations or the Business Information System (BIS).

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What types of organisations need to use the authorisation application?

Most organisations can grant authorisations independently in the e-Authorisations service. These organisations do not need to use the authorisation application. However, there are certain types of organisations that need to grant authorisations using the authorisation application. These include the following:

  • municipalities, parishes, educational institutions and other public sector bodies
  • business partnerships and joint-benefit administrations
  • tax consortiums e.g. a business partnership, forestry partnership, agricultural partnership or a real estate partnership, if at least one of its shareholders is an estate of a deceased person, or at least one shareholder is a partnership itself, or if someone among the shareholders is unable to log in to the e-service
  • foundations and associations that do not have any registered representatives who have the right of independent representation
  • companies, in which several people cannot jointly grant authorisations, for example, due to signing rules
  • estates and road associations with a Business ID
  • Finnish companies with no individuals or board members registered in the Trade Register who have the right to represent the company alone
  • non-Finnish companies with no representative with a Finnish personal identity code registered in the Trade Register
  • non-Finnish companies not registered in Finland.

 Who can submit an authorisation application?

An authorisation application can be submitted by a private person or a representative of an organisation. An authorisation application can also be submitted on behalf of a company whose operations have been discontinued. The identity of the person who signs the authorisation application must be verified using different documents, depending on the type of assignor.

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Page last updated 5/20/2021