You can grant authorisations with an authorisation application

The official-assisted authorisation service enables granting electronic authorisations and acting on behalf of another party for parties that otherwise cannot grant electronic authorisations in the e-Authorisations service.

In the service, the organisation must complete an authorisation application and attach the documents required to the application. An official will process the authorisation application.

The service is necessary, for example, for organisations, whose representative has not been registered in the Trade Register, the Register of Associations or the Business Information System (BIS). The majority of organisations can grant authorisations independently.

What authorisations can be granted with the authorisation application?

The authorisation application can be used to grant three types of authorisations:

Only a single type of authorisation at a time can be granted using a single authorisation application.

Persons provided with the right to grant an authorisation can independently grant and request authorisations in the service.

  • They can, for example, grant authorisations for an accounting firm and for employees of their company or organisation.
  • Persons provided with the right to grant an authorisation can also later change any granted authorisations independently.

A representative’s right to grant an authorisation can be requested for a person who represents a company or organisation that has received an authorisation from another person, company or organisation.

  • When a person has the representative’s right to grant an authorisation, they can:
    • grant authorisations to represent to other persons; a person with an authorisation to represent can, in the name of the authorised company or organisation, represent the party that has authorised the company or organisation
    • request authorisations for transactions from other companies, organisations or persons in the name of the party they represent.

Persons or organisations with an authorisation for transactions can carry out transactions on the assignor’s behalf.

  • For example, an individual can authorise an accounting firm to report earnings payment data in the e-service of the Incomes Register for individuals.

 Who can submit an authorisation application?

An authorisation application can be submitted by a private person or a representative of an organisation. An authorisation application can also be submitted on behalf of a company whose operations have been discontinued or who have merged into an another company.

What documents need to be attached to the authorisation application?

The documents required vary depending on the assignor. For example, you may need to attach documents to your application to indicate that the signatory has the right to sign the application and that the authorisation granted meets the assignor’s requirements.

You can check in the e-Authorisations service what documents you need. When you enter information about the assignor, assignee and application submission method in the service, a summary of instructions and required documents will be shown to you.

How to prepare and submit an authorisation application?

An organisation’s representative can submit an authorisation application in the service’s official-assisted authorisation service.

  • Identify yourself in the e-Authorisations service using your personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.
  • Complete a web form.
  • Submit your authorisation application and the documents required electronically through the web form.
  • Remember to sign the application. You can use an electronic signature or print the application and sign it by hand.

Submit a paper form.

  • Print an authorisation application from the service.
  • Submit the signed application and the documents required in a single envelope by post to the following address:

Digital and Population Data Services Agency
P.O. Box 1003
02151 Espoo

If you cannot use the web or paper form, visit a tax office to complete an authorisation application or accept an authorisation request.

The following table presents service channels available to different customer groups. The service channel varies depending on whether the assignor or assignee is Finnish or foreign.

The service channels available to different customer groups
  A company or an organisation as the assignor An individual as the assignor

Service channels





Online form Yes, primarily recommended No No No
Post Yes Yes, primarily recommended No No
Visit a tax office Yes Yes Yes, the only option Yes, the only option
Page last updated 1/2/2023