Businesses: authorise parties to use the Incomes Register’s e-service

Any individuals with the following titles as per the Trade Register or the Business Information System can use the e-service on behalf of the company they represent:

  • Managing Director
  • Substitute for the Managing Director
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Member of the Board
  • Liquidator
  • Building Manager, if you have the right to sign for the company
  • Full-time Building Manager, if you have the right to sign for the company
  • Sole Trader
  • General Partner (limited partnerships)
  • Partner (general partnerships)
  • Authorised
  • “Authorised” with the procurator’s right to represent

All other parties need to be separately authorised to use the Incomes Register’s e-service on behalf of the company.

Authorisations can be given to individuals or businesses.

Who has the right to authorise others?

Authorisations can only be given by authorisations:

  • the company’s Managing Director
  • the Managing Director’s substitute
  • officials with the right to sole representation
  • sole traders
  • individuals whom one of the above has given the right to grant a mandate.

In the Katso service:

  • Katso master user
  • Katso parallel master user

How are authorisations given?

Authorisations are given using either the e-Authorisations service or the Katso system, depending on the legal form of the business.

The e-Authorisations service can be used by

  • limited companies
  • housing companies
  • limited partnerships
  • general partnerships
  • sole traders
  • foundations (included in the Trade Register)
  • natural persons.

Authorise users ( e-Authorisations)

The Katso system can be used by organisations whose Business ID is not registered in the Trade Register or in the Business Information System service or by organisations that do not have information on the organisation's authorised signatory.

Examples include

  • non-governmental organisations, with a Business ID
  • foundations
  • churches
  • educational institutions
  • partnerships
  • estates
  • public organisations
  • foreign companies that are not included in the Trade Register or whose authorised signatories are foreign citizens (who do not have a Finnish personal identity code).

Authorise users (Katso system)

Access to the Incomes Register’s e-service is controlled by means of authorisation codes. The specific authorisation codes for accessing the Incomes Register are ‘Reporting earnings payment data’ and ‘Browsing earnings payment data’. Read more about authorisation codes.