Updates to search functions in the Incomes Register's e-service


The data search functions of the Incomes Register's e-service have been improved based on customer feedback. The updated search function will be available on 11 November 2020.

With the updated version, we aim to take into account customers' wishes and make the search function even more effective and easier to use. The usability of the function has been improved with better search terms, and it is now possible to select an income type, for example, from a list of options instead of having to type in a code. In addition, search term validations, notifications of conflicting search terms, and accessibility have been improved.

The new search function, updated in November, and will be launched on 11 November. The search function will be available to payers on the 'Submitted reports' and 'Records sent' pages in the e-service. A new search function for data users on the 'Data search' page will be introduced during the remaining year.

Search for submitted reports using search terms or references

In future, you can search for data using either search terms or a reference. Unlike before, now all search terms are on display at the same time. Select a search term from the list, and then enter its detailed information in the box that opens below. You can filter the search by specifying voluntary search terms related to, for example, the report type and income earner.

Time range and Type of time range are mandatory search terms. After the update, you can include multiple time ranges in your search by selecting Add time range.

After the search, you can still use all the same functionalities as before. For example, if you are reporting an organisation's data, you can view report data, use a previously submitted report as a template for a new report, or correct or cancel submitted reports.

The update has no effect on data access rights. You can still search for and view only those reports you have been authorised to view.

Two versions of the 'Submitted reports' page in use simultaneously

During the remainder of 2020, there are two versions, the new and the old, available of the 'Submitted reports' page in the Incomes Register's e-service. Learn about the new function and give feedback on it using the feedback form.

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Page last updated 11/5/2020