The second phase of the Incomes Register is ending: the reporting of benefits and pensions paid starts at the turn of the year


The turn of the year marks the two-year anniversary of the Incomes Register. Starting from 1 January 2021, the number of reports submitted to and distributed from the Incomes Register will increase as benefits and pensions paid will also be reported to the register.

– Due to the comprehensive nature of the Incomes Register, it is possible to use real-time data more efficiently and make more up-to-date decisions. Each data user can realise the advantages enabled by the Incomes Register by integrating real-time data seamlessly into their own processes, says Terhi Holmström, Director of Incomes Register Unit.

Benefit payers report to the Incomes Register data on pensions and benefits paid. However, any information about pension or benefit decisions or whether an application is pending is not reported to the Incomes Register.

For example, the Tax Administration's pre-completed tax returns generated for 2021 use Incomes Register data on pensions and benefits. Benefit payers need no longer file separate self-assessed tax returns or annual information returns to the Tax Administration. In addition, an income earner's prepayment becomes easier with the use of real-time income data.

Insurance providers use benefits payment data as the basis of compensation decisions concerning statutory insurance types. Benefits payment data is needed, for example, when determining a person's annual earnings, retroactive compensations, or a surviving spouse’s earnings adjustment.

The real-time benefits payment data attained from the Incomes Register will also be used in payment applications for pay subsidies and start-up grants, as well as in decisions concerning pay security.

The Incomes Register's e-service also offers income earners a real-time overview of their own earnings, pensions and benefits payment data.

Benefits payment reports flow from data providers to data users through the Incomes Register

The functionalities related to benefits can be tested in the Incomes Register's testing environment for benefits payment data. Currently, the testing environment is undergoing a bug bounty program that tries to uncover security vulnerabilities.

Only benefit payers defined in legislation, such as Kela, earnings-related pension providers and unemployment funds, are providers of benefits payment data. In order to report benefits payment data, data providers must confirm the reporting of benefits payment data in the Incomes Register's e-service and make sure that the necessary authorisations have been granted in the e-Authorisations service. In addition, interface users must retrieve a certificate for reporting data.

It is recommended that the users of benefits payment data start retrieving data from the Incomes Register immediately after the turn of the year. This prevents the benefits payment reports submitted to the Incomes Register during the first days of the year from piling up. Record subscriptions can be prepared in advance once the data permission concerning benefits payment data has been executed. 

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