Technical interface users: certificates retrieved in 2018 will expire this autumn


Incomes Register certificates are valid for two years at a time. Certificates must be renewed via the technical interface within 60 days before they expire. If you do not renew your certificate in time, you cannot use the technical interface. Your system supplier will guide you through the process of renewing your certificates.

'Two years is universally a typical period of validity for certificates. The longer the period of validity, the more susceptible a certificate will be to security breaches. In our ever-developing environment, periods of validity are becoming shorter and shorter. We are actively monitoring the cyber security situation. Renewing certificates is an integral part of the process, so I would recommend that organisations establish flexible procedures for it,' says Terhi Holmström, Director of Incomes Register Unit.

The technical interface means an integration built between different systems, for example between payroll software and the Incomes Register. Organisations that use the technical interfaces of the Incomes Register are identified with the help of the Incomes Register’s certificate service. Certificates are used to authenticate organisations reporting or using data and to ensure the integrity of records. Renewing the certificate regularly reduces the risk of security breaches and possibilities of misuse of data.

Check when your organisation's certificate expires

The responsibility for the validity of its certificates lies with the organisation. The certificate's last date of validity can be seen on the certificate or in the e-service.

In the Incomes Register's e-service, the validity of the certificate can be seen on the page Settings > Technical interface and certificates. If the menu does not show this page, the person who has signed in does not have the necessary authorisations to take care of matters related to certificates.

If you use the interface via payroll software, your system supplier will help you to check the validity of your certificates.

Certificates are renewed via the technical interface

Payroll systems have different practises for maintaining certificates and each system supplier will provide guidance, regarding their own system, on how to renew certificates.

Certificates cannot be renewed in the Incomes Register's e-service; instead, they must be renewed via the interface of the certificate service. The interface has a separate service for this purpose (RenewCertificate). Using the service requires generating a new key pair, creating a certificate signing request and signing the service request with the key associated with the valid certificate. Certificates can be renewed 60 days before their expiry at the earliest. The old certificate remains valid until the end of its original period of validity. If you wish to change your certificate by retrieving an entirely new certificate, you can do so at any time before your certificate expires.

It is important that organisations establish a process for renewing their certificates and that they make sure their certificates are renewed before expiry. The Incomes Register sends a reminder email to the certificate's technical contact person when the certificate is about to expire. The contact information of the technical contact person can be updated in the Incomes Register's e-service.

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