No late-filing penalties for late Incomes Register reports will be imposed in 2020


Due to the coronavirus situation, it may be difficult for entrepreneurs, companies and accountants to submit reports to the Incomes Register. If the reporting of paid wages is delayed due to falling ill, the Incomes Register's late-filing penalty will not be imposed in 2020.

Each data user separately will inform the data providers of the determination of the Incomes Register data users' penalty fees.

The livelihood of employees who are laid off or in quarantine is based on Incomes Register data

The coronavirus pandemic may cause lay-offs or, in order to stop the contagious disease from spreading, employees may be ordered to stay away from work, to stay in isolation or quarantine. Unemployment funds determine the daily allowances related to lay-offs, and they utilise the data submitted to the Incomes Register in granting these allowances. It is therefore important that the earnings payment data in the Incomes Register is correct.

Correct Incomes Register data is the basis for the livelihood of employees. Kela pays sickness allowance and sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease to an employee or an employer. When granting the allowances, Kela uses the data reported to the Incomes Register. More information on Kela's pages

Because of the coronavirus situation, there may be delays in granting various benefits. When data is reported correctly and comprehensively to the Incomes Register, the process of granting benefits is quicker and companies and accountants will have less to clear up afterwards. This will make things easier for companies in the current situation, as it eliminates extra work. When the necessary data in the Incomes Register is available to the benefit decision makers, benefit decisions can be made efficiently.

Employee: You can check your own income data in the Incomes Register

Every employee can view their own earnings payment data in real time in the Incomes Register's e-service. If there are any errors or omissions in the data, the payer is obligated to correct the data in the Incomes Register.

Watch the instructional video: How to use the Incomes Register - My Incomes Register

Page last updated 3/16/2020