Incomes Register will integrate with the Data Exchange Layer by the end of 2022


The Data Exchange Layer offers a way for transferring information between different authorities in a uniform manner. The Incomes Register will be integrated with the Data Exchange Layer by 31 December 2022.

Contrary to what was previously announced, the Data Exchange Layer will not yet be available in 2021.

The Data Exchange Layer is part of the National Architecture for Digital Services programme. Data Exchange Layer offers a new way for companies and organisations using the Incomes Register to utilise the Incomes Register's services

Once the integration has been established, the Incomes Register's technical interface services (data reporting and data distribution) will also be available via the Data Exchange Layer. There will be no changes to the Incomes Register's interfaces and they will still be available as before after the integration. If you have previously used the Incomes Register via the technical interface and do not plan to use the Data Exchange Layer in the future, you can continue using the interface as before.

More information on user obligations and access rights related to the services (in Finnish,

More information on the Data Exchange Layer (in Finnish,