Extra time for Katso users to migrate to Suomi.fi


More time, up to 30 April 2021, is now available for the Tax Administration’s Katso IDs and Katso authorisations. Because Katso will be withdrawn, users should start using Suomi.fi – a secure login service maintained by the DVV (Digital and Population Data Services Agency).

Taxpayers, accountants and other agents can still log in securely via Katso up to the end of April when using the e-services provided by the Incomes Register and the Tax Administration. As for Finnish Customs, secure login with Katso will continue until the end of February.

− After we noticed that especially the new authorisation request in Suomi.fi has been difficult for some groups of taxpayers and agents, the Tax Administration decided to arrange for a longer availability for Katso.

Senior Adviser Juha Kartano of the Finnish Tax Administration also pointed out that we need to offer full opportunities for electronic submittal of all tax returns without interruption, and that all taxpayers, agents, representatives, etc. must be given enough time to activate their Suomi.fi authorisations.

Please start using Suomi.fi authorisations as soon as possible

Even though you now have some extra time, we strongly recommend that you begin using Suomi.fi authorisations and that you start logging in with your online banking codes, a mobile certificate and a certificate card. If you need a valid authorisation from your client and you must make a Suomi.fi authorisation request, we recommend that you submit the request as soon as you can.

Access to the Incomes Register’s e-service is controlled by means of authorisation codes.

The Katso authorisations for accessing the Incomes Register has been reporting earnings payment data and browsing earnings payment data.

The Suomi.fi authorisation codes for accessing the Incomes Register are

  • Reporting earnings payment data
  • Browsing earnings payment data
  • Browsing benefits payment data
  • Reporting benefits payment data
  • Processing of log, interface and report data related to income data

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Page last updated 12/9/2020