Changes in e-service: updated web forms released


The Incomes Register has released two updated web forms in the e-service: the earnings payment report and the employer’s separate report. Updated based on feedback, the forms help submitters even better in providing data. For example, whether a field is mandatory is indicated more clearly. Furthermore, error messages and the accessibility of the forms have been improved.

At the same time, “Information on international work” and “Employee leasing notice”, two web forms intended for international situations, will no longer be available in the e-service. Data about international situations will be provided on the same web form as the earnings payment report.

The data reporting order has been changed

You can now monitor your progress in completing a report through the step progress bar at the top. The earnings payment report includes seven and the employer’s separate report four stages. Data is now divided into stages more consistently. For example, the selection of a temporary employer has been moved next to earnings-related pension insurance data.

You can move freely between different stages on the earnings payment report after you have entered the payment date and pay period. On the employer’s separate report, you need to enter at least the reporting period’s data to move freely between different stages.

The system automatically imports data about the payer’s suborganisation and address on the earnings payment report. From now on, the validity period of the employment relationship can be entered even if no other employment relationship data is given. In addition, all data entered through an interface can now be corrected in the e-service.

Error messages have been improved

Complete your report one step at a time in the e-service. The system will already check the data while you are completing your form. Error messages will be shown after you have made an error or immediately after an error has been detected.

Fields that have been completed incorrectly or have not been completed at all are highlighted by a red frame. In addition, the error message below the frame indicates what needs to be corrected.

In some situations, data reported at a later stage may change certain data provided earlier to be mandatory. In the example, the occupational class becomes mandatory after the income type has been entered. In this case, a warning icon will appear in the progress bar. You need to correct the data at the stage indicated by the warning icon.

More complicated processing rules, such as data about whether earnings-related pension insurance is mandatory, are not checked until a report has been submitted to the Incomes Register. After you have submitted your report successfully, you will be forwarded to a feedback page. If your report is rejected, the system will return you to the web form to make the corrections required. Correct the necessary data and submit your report again.

Page last updated 11/9/2021