An increasing number of companies can now authorise using authorisations


New functionalities have been introduced in the e-Authorisations service.

The following types of business can now grant authorisations even if multiple people together have the right to sign for the company:

  • limited companies
  • housing companies
  • limited partnerships
  • general partnerships
  • self-employed individuals
  • associations with a Business ID
  • foundations that are registered in the Trade Register.

The signatory rule in accordance with the company’s articles of association must be:

  • the board together
  • two board members together
  • the chairman of the board and a board member together.

In addition, the Trade Register must have information on the signatory rule of the company and the persons who have the right to sign for the company must have Finnish personal identity codes.

If you have an official role, you can act in the Incomes Register without an authorisation

You can act in the Incomes Register on behalf of a company without an authorisation if you have an official role. Such official roles include, for example:

  • managing director
  • substitute for the managing director
  • chairman of the board
  • member of the board.

The official role must be entered in the Trade Register. authorisations will gradually replace Katso authorisations

The Katso service will soon be out of use in the Incomes Register. You can start using the authorisations as they introduce new features.

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