Service use in general

The Incomes Register's e-service allows you to report earnings payment data, browse reported data and correct them. You can also request transcripts on data submitted.

After logging in, select from the start menu whether you would like to continue as an private individual or as a representative of a company or organisation, or whether you would like to act on behalf of another individual. You can also upload files into the Incomes Register here.

Continue as an individual

Browse your own income data which have been reported by your employer and other payers. You can also report earnings payment data if you are a household employer and have hired an employee or made payments to a service provider who is not registered in the Prepayment Register. In addition, you may browse the reports you have previously submitted as a household employer or correct them.

The function is not available if you have signed into the service with a Katso ID.

Continue as a representative of a company or organisation

Here you can see all the companies and organisations that you are entitled to represent in the Incomes Register's e-service. If there are multiple companies listed, you can search by business ID or name. Select the company on whose behalf you would like to report or whose previously submitted reports you would like to browse or correct. In addition, you can request transcripts on behalf of the company or organisation or browse company's income data reported to the Incomes Register.

Proceed to the upload service

Here you can proceed to upload xml files into the Incomes Register. 

Act on behalf of another individual

The function will be in use later.

If you are using the service on behalf of another individual, select Act on behalf of another individual in the bottom left corner. You may use the service on behalf of another individual if you have received the mandate "Processing incomes payment data" or if you are acting as the guardian of a child under 15.

The default language of the Incomes Register is Finnish. You may change the language in the menu at the top right corner. The language options are Finnish, Swedish and English.