1. Payer details

Payer basic details

The payer’s details have been imported on the report from customer information. You can edit the payer’s name if necessary.

The payer is an employer, another type of payer, or another report submitter who is obligated to report data to the Incomes Register.

Data must be reported using a Business ID or Finnish personal identity code. If the payer does not have a Finnish customer identifier, the data should be reported using a foreign identifier. If the payer has both a Finnish and a foreign identifier, report both identifiers.

Payer's address

Enter the payer’s address details (street address or P.O. box, city and postal code, c/o as needed) if

  • the payer does not have a Finnish identifier
  • the address is located abroad
  • the payer is a temporary employer.

If the address is located abroad, also select the country code from the menu.

Payer type

Select the payer type only if one of the options applies to the payer. You can select several payer types if necessary. 

  • Temporary employer
  • Specialised agency
  • Unincorporated state enterprise or governmental institution with separate administration
  • Public sector
  • Foreign group company
  • Foreign employer
  • State

Read more about the payer types

Payer's suborganisation

A suborganisation is part of an organisation established by the payer for a specific function or purpose. If the organisation has a suborganisation identifier, report the payer’s suborganisation. With a suborganisation identifier, the payer can divide the organisation into different parts.

Suborganisation data is mandatory if

  • the payer has a suborganisation in accordance with Keva's submitter codes or 
  • the payer is a governmental institution.

Select Payer's own codes if the suborganisation identifier is formed by the organisation. The identifier may be formed in the Suomi.fi e-Authorisations service or the Katso service for use in establishing defining specifiers for access to the data in the Incomes Register, or it may be an alternative method of classifying reports needed by the payer.

Keva's submitter codes are used by Kela and municipal, state and church employers who have unique submitter codes issued by Keva for itemising the earnings payment reports of their different departments and agencies.

Government agency identifier: The identifier is used in state administration, where different government agencies have their own identifiers.

There can only be one suborganisation identifier of the same type. To add more than one suborganisation, click Add suborganisation.

Show detailed payer's details

Select The payer acts as a substitute payer if the payer has made the payment on behalf of an actual employer. Parties that can be substitute payers include enforcement agencies, municipalities, Kela, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, bankruptcy estates and guarantors. Group companies and foreign employers can also use substitute payers.

Enter the name of the actual employer, select the type of identifier from the menu and include it in the report.

If the identifier is foreign, also select the identifier country code from the menu. Select Paid as pay security if the payment was made as pay security.

A foreign employer registered in the Prepayment Register is obligated to submit the report to the Incomes Register. If the employer is not registered in the Prepayment Register, the report shall be submitted by a representative (section 8 of the Act on Posting Workers). In the absence of a representative, the foreign employer submits the report.

Representative's basic details

Select The representative is the data submitter if the foreign employer is not registered 

in the Prepayment Register and the report is submitted by a representative.

Enter the full name, identifier type and identifier of the representative.

You can report more than one identifier by selecting Add identifier. If you report a foreign identifier, also enter the country code.

Representative's address

Enter the representative's address. If the address is located abroad, also enter the country code.

Contact person

Enter the name, telephone number and email address of the person who should be contacted for further information about this report. You can report more than one contact person by selecting Add a contact person.

Click Save. You can now browse the data you have entered. Use the Edit information button to go back and edit the data you have entered. Click Next to continue filling in the report.


2. Report data

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